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How to Have Wonder Teeth: Cosmetic Dentistry

While some of us are born with that perfect smile, here's what the others can do.

It’s a known fact that each of us looks into the mirror practising and perfecting that smile of ours. Thanks to the times, a beautiful smile is no longer a farfetched dream. With new technologies cosmetic dentistry has become inexpensive, more accessible, less painful and more convenient.

The term cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of practices, from tooth coloured fillings to teeth whitening to smile designing. Following are the major categories that cosmetic dentistry covers -

Tooth Whitening or Bleaching
Bleaching can be done in the dental clinic or at home using home bleaching or teeth whitening kits. Please do consult your dentist before using home bleaching products.

Bonding is the process of fixing chipped teeth or gaps between them, using tooth coloured material.

Crowns are essentially caps to give the teeth a better appearance and a desirable shape. There are various types of crowns to choose from should you need these and your dentist would be best suited to advise you as per your individual need.

This is a thin layer of porcelain or plastic placed over the teeth so as to improve the surface, alignment or to just protect the teeth from damage.

Contours and Reshaping
This is a dental treatment to correct tooth alignment which also involves re-shaping to rectify crooked teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry helps enhance or counter any damage caused either to your teeth or smile. Most of these procedures are simple and many of them affordable.

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